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Fotos de cuarto

bedroom decoration

Row of boarded up houses in Back Road, Newton Abbot, just over from Asda. I had been meaning to have a bit explore of these but unless I jump the fences tomorrow the bulldozers will be back on Monday & they will be gone.

I found it quite sad seeing this house coming down, it was obviously a childs room with the decorations on the wall. It would have had such memories in its time but now its just waiting for the wrecking ball to finish it off.
bedroom decoration

so this is where damon’n'i are living. like the story goes, his parents got the place with the plans of tearing it down but we get to live in it until that’s sorted. it was built in the 70s or so, i think, and it shows. but despite any disparaging comments, it’s a good house. it’s just also fun to poke fun at!

all of these shots should be considered "before" pictures, because some things have even changed since they were taken the day i got here. it looks more lived-in (read: messy), but we’ve got some decorations up now, and it’s all getting better.

bedroom’s full of closet space — that’s all the walls are. and out of 6 sets across (and two levels, bottom and top!) in the whole room, damon graciously allowed me this much of it (the rest currently houses his boxes still).

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